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HAIR Auditions

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Mountain Lake Park 46 Bowen Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

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Book & Lyrics By: Gerome Ragni & James Rado

Music By: Galt MacDermot 

REHEARSALS BEGIN: On or about 7/8 - 7/24


AUDITIONS in WARWICK Sunday May 19th, 2024

AUDITIONS in NYC Monday May 20th ,2024

DIRECTOR - Jessica McRoberts






 *Please prepare 32 bars of a pop/rock song preferably from the 1960’s,70’s

 Please bring music, an accompanist will be provided


THE STORY: The American tribal love-rock musical HAIR celebrates the sixties counterculture in all its barefoot, long haired, bell-bottomed, beaded and fringed glory. To an infectiously energetic rock beat, the show wows audiences with songs like “Aquarius,” “Good Morning, Starshine,” “Hair,” “I Got Life,” and “Let The Sun Shine.” Exploring ideas of identity, community, global responsibility and peace, HAIR remains relevant as ever as it examines what it means to be a young person in a changing world.


CASTING: Adults, age 18-up and Young Adults, age 15-up ( ALL BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15-18 will need to have a signed consent form by parent or guardian to do the show if cast ) ; all ethnicities. NOTE: Roles that call for a specific ethnicity or type will be open for consideration of actors of other ethnicities. The ages listed are approximate. Actors should be able to "play" these ages. THE CONCERT CHORUS IS OPEN TO ALL AGES and features may be pulled from this chorus .In reference to the character descriptions below – The characters in this show are on the binary and written with he/him or she/her pronouns as you will see in the following descriptions. However, we seek to be as inclusive as possible and ask gender non-conforming, gender queer, transgender and non-binary actors to list on the audition form the roles they most identify with. We also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character, but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities. 



Principal Tribe Members (5 Female; 7 Male)


Berger He is an irreverent, anti-establishment,free spirit and the Tribe’s most expressive member. Vocal Range:Tenor (A2-B4)


Woof An androgynous,gentle soul.He loves plants,his family and the audience. Hung up on Mick Jagger. Vocal Range:Tenor/High Baritone (D3-G4) 


Hud He is a militant African American Vocal Range: Baritone (B2-F4) 


Claude He is the nominal leader and moral center of the Tribe Vocal Range:Tenor (A2-F4)


Jeanie An idealistic,pregnant environmentalist (earth-mother)who is in love with Claude Vocal Range: Alto (G3-F4)


Dionne She is a vivacious, strong,free-thinking AfricanAmerican Vocal Range:Mezzo Soprano/Soprano (F4-F5) 


Crissy She is sweet and innocent. The youngest member of the Tribe. Vocal Range:Mezzo Soprano/Soprano (A3-C5)


Sheila An NYU student and antiwar protest.She is hung up on Berger. Vocal Range:Mezzo Soprano/Alto (G3-C5)


Margaret Mead He is a Tribe member who at one point in the show,portrays a female tourist Vocal Range:Tenor (A2-B4)


Hubert He is a Tribe member who at one point in the show, portrays a tourist w/Margaret Mead Vocal Range: Baritone (B2-F4) 


Other Members of the Tribe (who play multiple characters in the show): Ronny Leata Paul Walter Steve Hiram Suzannah Mary Emmaretta Diane Marjorie Linda Natalie 

CONCERT ENSEMBLE  (ALL AGES) WIll sing “AQUARIUS” , “HAIR’ , “GOOD MORNING STARSHINE”, “THE FLESH FAILURES/LET THE SUNSHINE” possibly more… this will be a chorus that will be involved in less rehearsal but extend the vocal power in this concert version.

**Call-back material will be uploaded to this site SOON**

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